Definition of The Table

I want you to imagine a table [this really should not be too difficult]. Your table can look however you would like. You may imagine a high-standing modern café table. Or possibly you are more of a rustic cabin-in-the-woods person [I claim this one as my own]. Maybe you are imagining your kitchen table, complete with fork marks and left over peanut butter and jelly smeared across it. A table is such a common household item we do not often give it much thought. In all reality, we spend a large portion of our days and lives around a table [i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner, birthday parties, coffee dates, holiday dinners, the list goes on]. I, however, believe that tables hold a special, life-giving concept that is so very foreign to us.

This concept is one of “sitting at the table” [you are probably thinking // sounds easy enough, I do this ALL THE TIME…just wait]. While attending nursing school I work as a resident assistant on a team of nine godly women. During my sophomore year, my staff often discussed this concept of “sitting at the table”. You see, “sitting at the table” is a metaphor for choosing to do life with one another. Choosing to sit at the table means staying at the table when things become a little rocky [or maybe a lot rocky], maybe in your life or in someone else’s life who is also sitting at the table. Sitting at the table is choosing to rebuke sin, stagnation, and self-reliance. It is choosing accountability, growth, and community. Sitting at the table is not easy sometimes. Sometimes you want to get up and walk away. Sometimes you want someone else to get up and walk away, but it is all worth it–all the things, all the days. It is okay.

Ultimately, the goal of The Table is this:
1.) To draw us deeper into our relationships with the Lord.
2.) To draw us deeper into our relationships with one another.

So there. Go and do it. Be The Table. [ha ha] Just kidding. It is a process. Maybe some of you are good at building honest, raw community wherever you go. If that is you, you probably are more holy then all of the rest of us and just wasted roughly 2.43509 minutes of your life reading everything I wrote. But really…if that is you: write this blog for me?

We are all learners. We are all still learning, each and every day. If you are great at community: awesome. Maybe you need to grow in your relationship with The Lord. If you are great at your relationship with The Lord, maybe you need some help in the community department. We will get there. We will all strive and reach for more together. The power of community is endless.

It starts with you. Think about that. It is a choice. You have to choose to sit at The Table and to stay at The Table.
The Table starts with you choosing to take a seat.
So, will you? Will you join?

If you are reading this, you are in some way, shape or form a part of my life [even if we have never met]. I want to do life with you. I want you to be sitting at my table when I am going through a rough season. In turn, I want to be there–to love and support you–when you feel like you are sinking.

You are a passion of mine. People, that is, and their stories. I want to know them, to know you–you’re passions, your successes, your hurts and your losses. Share them with me?

I have grown up third oldest in a family of seven, all fully related to me. My brother Riley and I used to sit at our kitchen table eating Cody’s Favorite Kind [also known as Honey Bunches of Oats] and pick out all of the oat clusters. I hope this is what this blog is for you–a place you can come and amongst all my ramblings, find those yummy oat clusters you can take a way and save for a rainy day.

Until next time,



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