The Summation of a Semester

In a sea of words procured for others,

You ascribed to me “restored” — not a position but a path.

I recognize restoration only occurs after something is done being broken.

But Daddy…when will I be done?

I wrote this four part poem in the last few weeks of school. This semester has been one of growth and unfortunately, growth does not just happen. There are always situations–good and bad–that shape the path of growth we take and that is what this semester has been, good and bad. This poem describes how I was feeling.

One of my favorites things is learning people’s stories. Being a resident assistant at college provides the opportunity for me to learn the stories of the 23 freshman ladies. This semester, as I learned the stories of each of my residents, I asked the Lord to reveal to me a word to pray over each resident. This word does not have to describe where each of them are but where they are going.

For example, one of my residents partied in high school. When she came to college she literally flipped a switch and has been impacting the lives of the residents in our unit and hall in such positive ways. Her word is “freed”, freed from her past and from where she was. She is pursuing the Lord in such awesome ways and has challenged me to pursue Him more each and every day.

I was sitting in chapel one day only half-listening to the speaker when he read a verse from the New Testament. I didn’t hear the verse or anything he had previously said. The only thing I heard was one word. Restored. I started thinking through the list of residents who had not been given a word. I thought: Who is broken? Who needs to be restored? No residents came to mind. All at once I recognized that “restored” was the Lord’s word for me and for my story.

Through the promise of restoration, I have begin to recognize the Lord’s faithfulness. The Lord’s faithfulness, however, does not mean the difficulty of our circumstances lessen. Despite the negative circumstances of this semester I have held to a truth given to me by my New Testament professor. He said, “The Lord has not let anyone down, and He isn’t going to start with you.”

Your circumstances may be very different than what I have been through. I do, however, hope that you can cling to the same promises the Lord has given me in this season because “restored’ isn’t a position but a path. And it is all worth it.

So here is to the continuation of restoration.

Until Next Time,




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