There was one night this semester when I was tired….okay, there we a lot of times this semester when I was tired. It was late and I was already in bed when I heard a knock at my door. The door opened and my friend came in, set her stuff down, and climbed in bed next to me. She began talking about some difficulties and questions she had, and I began to cry. Everyone was hurting. I was hurting. She was hurting. The girl downstairs was hurting. The boy in my class was hurting. Then the word “defeat” ran through my head. That is what I was feeling, the weight of defeat.
I had no revelation that night of the victory I have in Christ. I went to sleep feeling very defeated. Over the next few days the Lord painted a picture in my head that I was able to put into words:

Sometimes I feel the weight of defeat.

Then I remember that Victory is embedded in my DNA.

Because I was born into Royalty.

And the KING says, “My children will not lose.”

In Erwin Raphael McManus’ book The Barbarian Way, he tells the tale of James Douglas, a Scottish Knight. Douglas was a close friend of Robert the Bruce, a Scottish noble. Before Robert the Bruce died he asked to have his heart removed and carried on the crusades by a knight worthy of such esteem; the task fell to Douglas and he carried the heart of his friend and king around his neck in every battle. In 1330 Douglas was campaigning against the Moors in Granada, Spain and was losing the fight. He took the heart of the king, tossed it into enemy lines and cried, “Fight for the heart of your king!”

There were times this semester when I would repeat to myself, out loud, over and over “My children will not lose.” Because we won’t. The battle has already been won, we just have to weather the storm and fight with CONFIDENCE. People say, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” FALSE. I believe the Lord gives us more than we can handle so that his glory and might may be displayed among the nations.

I know there are times when we want to give up. Maybe you want to give up on seeking the Lord’s direction for your life. May you want to give up praying for the heart of a family member or friend who does not know the love of the Father. Maybe you want to give up on a marriage or friendship. Just know that the Lord is declaring victory over those situations and those people’s hearts. It may not come to pass in the way which you desire but either way: WE WILL NOT LOSE.

Romans 8:31 reads, “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

A wise man in my life once [by once I mean he says it over and over] said: We need to live from a place of victory instead of living towards one. And just as James Douglas was given the task of carrying the heart of his king, The Lord bestows upon us the honor of carrying his heart into every battle of everyday.

So here is to claiming the Victory that is only found in the heart of our King.

Until Next Time,




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