The Well

Every year, every week, every hour: our testimonies are being built. Testimonies are stories and, in case you were unaware, those are one of my favorite things [right next to donuts. G-L-O-R-Y.] I recently became aware of this concept of being a collector of stories. This is my desire and this is what I want the Lord to shape me in to.

We all make decisions and go through circumstances that are, well, less than pretty. In the midst of these circumstances, it is difficult to see the beauty of brokenness. The darkness seems to consume every aspect of our lives and the light at the end of the tunnel appears as a single freckle in a sea of people. But the Lord is working, constantly. He is even in the quiet.

I am confident that the Lord has given me the ability to see testimonies being built, through hardship, in people’s lives. I love being given the opportunity to tell someone the outreach they will have because of the unique circumstances the Lord has carried them through. How they will be able to reach a group of people that not everyone could reach specifically because of their testimony.

A friend recently told me about the concept of “the well”. Each of us has a well filled with life experiences. As we go through various situations, both good and bad, they are put in the well. Our stories, our processes, our experiences can benefit the people who are sitting at The Table, the people we interact with on a daily basis. In the midst of a difficult situation, we can ask the Lord to “put it in the well” trusting that he will bring it to the surface at a later date and in turn receive glory from the testimony.

My charge to you is to look at your well and see what you have label “nonredeemable” or “hindrance”. I am confident that the Lord has given both you and I scars he wants us to bare boldly for the purpose his name being glorified and his kingdom built.

Until Next Time,


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