Like An Ocean

The sea is perhaps one of my favorite things [right after the mountains of course]. I don’t particularly want to be on it, or in it, but rather on the shore looking at it. When I was younger my family lived in Texas and would frequent the beach. [I know, I know. I’ve lived in the two largest states. Go big or go home, ya know?] One time when we were at the beach I got caught under the water with huge waves crashing over me. Young little Bethany was being swallowed up by the sea when all of a sudden cute college boy came to the rescue. He picked me up out of the consuming water [probably one handed] and said, “Bethany, will you spend the rest of your life with me?” Ya, okay. Maybe that didn’t actually happen. Probably he just handed me back to my dad and went on his way. So good story.

During a worship night this week I was beyond frustrated with myself. I wanted to just be and worship but life was getting in the way. I was working through these things with the Lord in my heart and pictured myself as a hand, my fingers being areas I am strong in. I then pictured the Lord filling the spaces between each finger with his hand, his fingers representing the grace he gives for the areas I am beyond weak in.

Sometimes I think we have this view that the Lord will only give us so much grace and then he’s out. Gone. Done. I had the realization that he is okay pouring out massive amounts of grace because he has unending supply. We have all heard the song How He Loves. If you haven’t, are you even Christian? Jokes. Anyway, now when I hear the song and it says, “if grace is an ocean we’re all sinking,” I possibly don’t hate it anymore. I know that I will never fully understand the Lord’s grace but for now I am in complete and total awe that he is willing to fill all the spaces I need him to. In a way, Jesus is like the cute college boy but instead of pulling me out of the water he gives me the ability to swim.

So here is to letting him fill the empty spaces of our lives.

Until Next Time,



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