Today We Remember


We remember

We stop

We pause

We breathe

And remember




Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. For some this day contains stories of redemption and overcoming. If that is you, I celebrate with you. I rejoice for the story being lived and I would encourage you to tell your story. Let people in on your celebration. For others it reminds them of hurt, and loss, maybe even holes found in their hearts of loved ones lost. If that’s you, know that I am stopping. I am pausing. You are not alone in remembering the people you have held close. Your loved one [whether brother, father, or friend] made an impact on this world and as a friend once said to me, “It might not make the hurt any less painful, but it sure does make it worth it.” You can be a teller of the stories that aren’t your own. You can be a piece in bringing restoration. But the telling can come tomorrow. For today, we choose to remember.

So here is to remembering and seeing what tomorrow has in store.


***To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) has a goal of raising $75,000, all of which will go to treatment and recovery. If you would like to find out how you can be involved go here.


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